Certified Reference Materials

Certified reference materials (CRMs) used in the steel industry for the determination of the chemical composition of iron and steel products.

For quality assurance of laboratory work is certified reference materials (CRMs) a necessary tool. They can be used inter alia to the method validation, calibration of analytical instruments or as a control sample.

CRM also has high requirements for the certificate of reporting of measurement uncertainty and metrological traceability (SI units).

Narema, in collaboration with Jernkontoret, is part of a European group for production and certification of reference materials, and handles sales and distribution of certified reference materials in the ECRM and JK series. As a complementary service, we distribute Certified Reference Materials prepared by other reputable Producers.

Recently sold out materials
JK 49 and JK 35

New and replacing materials
ECRM 268-1 is a new reference material which is now up for sale, it replaces JK 49.
It is a tool steel with high nitrogen level (2.03%) and have 17 certified elements. ECRM 268-1 is available as disc and chips.

Your order or request will be sent to crm@narema.fi

Download Catalogue
CRM catalogue 2020

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